Our lab is fully accredited and provides analysis on-site or can be sent to a reference lab. We can draw for many contracted health plans including Medicare.  However, some health plans like HMOs require blood draw services to be performed elsewhere.  If you have questions about whether our phlebotomy service is contracted with your health plan, please ask our helpful staff.


7am- 5pm

Monday – Friday

No appointment necessary

Closed: Saturday, Sunday and Holidays

Please review your lab slip order to know if you need to be fasting (nothing to eat for 8-12 hours), or if your test should be performed in the morning or a specific time of day.

Supplies such as urine containers, or glucose beverages can be picked up by bringing the order to the lab draw station.

All patients must have a lab slip or order for service

For questions please contact our Office Manager: Lori McFarland (805) 495-1066 x 5000

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